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Have you seen a Warm Fuzzy? These mysterious blue creatures have been spotted in the Baton Rouge area and we’ll be seeing more soon. Look for them in places where people are completely happy and satisfied.
The North American Warm Fuzzy measures between 3 and 4 feet tall and weighs about 80 pounds, most of which is blue fur.

Two large, forward-facing eyes are the most prominent facial feature and give the creature both exceptional vision and an irresistible blue fuzzy puppy-dog charm.

The Warm Fuzzy has three fingers and an opposable thumb on each hand. Two large, flat feet with three evenly spaced toes give the Warm Fuzzy a distinctive footprint and make shoe shopping a challenge.
The domestic Warm Fuzzy thrives in an environment of happiness and satisfaction and will radiate waves of cheerfulness that have been measured using the Modified Mercalli intensity scale.

A healthy and happy Warm Fuzzy produces a distinctive sound. This blue creature's vocalization is pleasant and never fails to produce a smile. Click here to listen to the sound. You’re smiling right now, aren’t you?
As you might suspect by their name, the Warm Fuzzy is a friendly blue creature that bonds with humans and seems to truly care about their well-being. They are naturally drawn to any situation where good deeds are done, good deals are made and human beings treat each other with respect and kindness.

Warm Fuzzies are loyal creatures and seem to sense when their human companions have had a bad day. They are adept at finding lost car keys and will console you when your boss is being a real pain in the neck.

Although some critics may say the world has become a cold, cruel place, the existence of these blue fuzzy creatures disproves that notion.
It is not permissible to carry a Warm Fuzzy on to a domestic airline flight because they contain more than three ounces of liquid.

Never allow a Warm Fuzzy to eat after midnight.

A few of their favorite things: hot chocolate, blueberry frozen yogurt, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, fuzzy dice, fuzzy slippers and an occasional fuzzy navel.